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Mrs. Latoria Thomas is the founder of Caring with Compassion Nursing. The vision was brought to life after Latoria desired to take her nursing career to another level which included patient and caregiver advocacy.  Latoria is intentional about being a resource for those patients who live alone and just need that additional care to maintain their normal daily routine of life; as well as provide relief and support to those loved ones who are in home or intermittent caregivers.

Latoria has 14 years of nursing experience and a total of 20 years of medical experience. She prides herself in her knowledge and competency of geriatric patients, education, medication administration, health assessments, CPR certification, and rehabilitation nursing.

Latoria is married to Quincey and is a mother to Danyelle.

Latoria is a Danville native and is eager to serve those in her Community to continue living life to their full potential with the assistance of her well trained and experienced staff. 

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